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Way2sms Login Guide

Way2sms.com Login: The Internet has become various mediums for various peoples. A main and major medium Internet plays are the medium of communication also. Communication is on these days become easy and simple. As a medium of exchange, there is a huge list of companies who are serving customers with same services. An example of same is www.Way2SMS.com. It is a website who is making people like friends; family, near and dear ones to come closer by sending free SMS to India while sitting in any part of India. Here we talk about how to send free SMS Messages over India or abroad through Way2sms free account.

login to way2sms

This service is quite popular around the globe. The users don’t have to face those out of balance message or any problem made by phone. One can easily go over the internet and start using the same. Likewise in Gtalk and other messengers, one can chat through the SMS service and make most of it. There were no restrictions in sending the SMS.

Database of the company has a record of 20 million users around the globe. There exist 365 million relationships built with 500 million messages every month. Here, one can be free from all the expenses made by SMS as this website makes it all. The process takes only 1 - 3 minutes to register and get started.

Why Way2SMS.com?

  • The telecommunication problem is no more to be tackled by Way2SMS. 
  • The service is routed through the internet and is free from fluctuating networks.
  • Sending SMS in Groups is possible
  • SMS once sent it gets received on time.
  • You can set particular date and time to send some message also.
  • A contact book can be maintained with all the contacts in it.
  • Using the Schedules SMS service is available at all time.
  • The service is easy and fast to use.

How to Log into the Way2SMS Account?

  1. A computer with active internet connection is required.
  2. A Valid E-Mail, Mobile Number is required.

Step By Step Guidance
  • Log on to official website www.way2sms.com
  • You need to be registered to use the service if not do as directed


If you are not registered, follow the instructions to get registered
  • Open your Internet Browser.
  • Log on to www.way2sms.com
  • On the top right, there is written “Click here to go to way2sms.com”, click here.
  • Now on the right side under the tab “New user?” it is written to get registered, click “Register Here”.
  • Following the instruction, enter the details asked to fill like Name, Date of birth, Email, Profession, City, Monthly income, your mobile number.
  • Follow the instruction to complete the registration.

  • Log on to www.way2sms.com
  • Click on “Click here to go to way2sms.com
  • Enter the details under the Section “Login to Way2SMS” like your Mobile number and password with which you registered.
  • Now, click on “Login”.
  • You are now into the world of WaytoSMS make use of any service you want.

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