How to Apply Unemployment Compensation Claim Filing with the FDEO


Claim my weeks Florida unemployment compensation

Are you living in Florida and searching for the good job opportunity? If yes then FDEO will give you the best support in finding a good job and also help to compensate unemployment claims if they meet the state requirement.

FDEO stands for Florida Department of Economic operation which came into existence in order to provide the guidance to that job seeker of Florida who is not getting a good job and tired of their unemployment. In this they try to give them the proper guidance regarding their skills, try to give them the training so that they can improve their professional and other skills and also help to manage the unemployment claims and benefits.

The website is design in such a way in which it is very easy to file and compensation as you just have filed an application form which you will find on the internet then fill the application form by giving your required information and send back to the FDEO, if it is approved by them then in that case compensation benefit will be issued by the FDEO. It is very easy and it will take very less time of yours as you don’t have to visit the office and waste your time as you will get the application form on the internet when you can complete all your formalities.

Way to file an unemployment compensation claim with the FDEO

It is very easy and simple to file an unemployment compensating claim with the FDEO. For the same you need to have computer or any other electronic device with internet connection from where you can access its website, must be a legal reside of the state of Florida and at the same time must be an unemployed for any reason other than the misconduct as defined by Florida state law and must have worked and earned wages during a specified period of time called a “base period”.

  1. Visit the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Claims Process website
  2. There under the section “1.File Online” clicks the icon stating “Florida’s Internet Claims Filing System”
  3. New web page will open where you will find all the information on the process which is there in the section in your native language and then just go through the information and then click the icon stating “claim form in English” at the bottom of the page.
  4. Now you have to tick the box to indicate that you understand the fraud statement and then click the icon stating “Submit.”
  5. Now follow the given instruction and complete the application process 

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