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DunkinBrands Skillport Skillportfe Login: If you are an employee of Dunkin’ Brand, which is having around 12000 international distribution centers. That are affiliated with restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts, Togo's sandwich shops or Baskin Robbins, then you can participate in the workplace education and training opportunity that is provided by Dunkin’ Brands, which is handled by Dunkin’ Brands Online University.

Dunkin Brands Skillport Online University - Login

This program is framed with the motive of enhancing the skills of its employees which would result in more customer satisfaction and increased profitability, that will make Dunkin’ Brand's graph of growth more impressive.

Attaining this on-line training will bring the best out of its employees and employees will also get a lot to learn and they also will acquire more expertise in handling their work more efficiently and effectively.

Let us see what Dunkin’ Brands On-line University is:

This program is designed for the employees associated with Dunkin’ Brand and it is conducted on-line, thus it’s addressed as e-learning. The system uses concepts of on line platform and simulation techniques to provide the training with a more effective approach. Attaining this program will enhance the skills of employees and will make them learn new tips for improving their productivity.

Participating in this program will boost the motivational spirit in the employees resulting in the increased profits, impressive output and higher customer satisfaction. As it’s carried on line so it saves lots of other expenses and resources too. High speed internet access is provided to every employee and they all can get benefited with this training by using the intranet facility provided.

Now Let us see how to learn at Dunkin’ Brands On-line University:

All that you need to have is a computer that is connected to internet and one must be an employee of Dunkin’ Brands and should be having intranet access too.

Now follow the following steps one by one:
  1. Firstly go to the website:, where you will find a button marked “Login”, so click on that button.
  2. Go through to the Dunkin’ Brands On line University Terms of Use Agreement, understand it and accept it and proceed further.
  3. Now you need to enter the User ID and password which you would have received while getting hired and at the time of assigning you the access to Dunkin’ Brands Intranet. So begin with the on-line e-learning training program provided for you.
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  3. i clicked the link but the server cannot be found. i have to do the basic online training to complete the hiring process