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Everybody has to file the tax return and many do it themselves and here we discuss a top Free Online Tax Preparation Software, named Just log into TaxAct and file free tax return online. To prepare the tax return requires some expertise which most of the taxpayers do not have and so they like to use some software or online services which guide them preparing it. TaxAct is very famous tax preparation software and web-based online service that is very easy to use and most accurate and reliable. You can contact on the customer care phone number for more help.


There are two methods TaxAct offers, in one method easy to understand questions are asked and the second method is filling up the form. The online service is very user-friendly and guides with tax preparation. To get this service it is not necessary to TaxAct Login or not create TaxAct Account, you can get free service without TaxAct Sign in or Sign up into the website.

TaxAct Online Return 2017

The online service allows you for e-filing, checking the refund status and printing of the forms. One can also print previous year’s returns.  TaxAct allows for free e-filing that can be used by anyone. It allows accessing your 2017 tax returns for free.

Here you can find three types of tax e-filing services and low-priced bundles. The company offers free edition, Deluxe Edition, and an Ultimate edition. First one is totally free when others two are paid service at normal charges. The best feature of TaxAct is you can file prior year federal and state tax returns back to the year 2000.

Features and Pricing - TaxAct Online Return

Free Federal Edition:

  • You can prepare Tax e-filing simple and complex return and Print
  • Sure maximum refund on return
  • Audit support, Email, and state additional

Deluxe Federal Edition:

  • You can import your prior year data
  • You can use extra calculators and reports
  • You can maximize the value of your non-cash donations
  • Audit support, Email, and state additional

Ultimate Bundle:

  • It's the best software for tax preparation with free e-filing of return
  • You can file your State taxes online very fast
  • Email and audit support, Includes state.

About 2nd Story Software:

2nd Story is Software Inc. of USA is a software developer company and TaxAct is tax preparation software and web-based service prepared by it. 2nd Story was founded in 1998 and is a name in tax preparation. It has many versions that include versions include Free Edition, Deluxe, Ultimate Bundle and Home & Business.

Its online products are Free Federal Edition, Deluxe (Federal), and Ultimate Bundle (Deluxe + State). TaxACT also provides a set of federal and state software for business and professional prepares. It guarantees for the best refund and offers the best-personalized help.

How Can You Start Your 2017 Free Tax Return at

  • You must have a computer with internet access.
Step-By-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the website of TaxACT at
  2. Click “Start FREE Return”.
  3. In the next page, register if you want to get a username at TaxACT’ otherwise you can select “Register later”.
  4. As directed according to your choice, you can click “Continue”.
  5. Select whether you have used TaxACT before, and provide all the required information, which include your age, your filing status, your total wages in the taxable year, etc.
  6. Then select for the service you want to access the menu options, such as filing status, estimated payments, personal info, etc.
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