Take Part in LEGO Survey and Win Product


Take Part in the www.legosurvey.com/product

Take Part in LEGO Survey and Win Product
Many companies launch survey in order to get feedback from the customers or sometimes to know the customer satisfaction. Some of the companies even reward the participants. LEGO brand construction toys company has launched one such survey with an aim to capture customers’ feedback of a toy called Lego, a flagship product of Lego Group. The survey has been designed to get some ideas about how new Lego product has satisfied the customers.

The survey is designed in very easy to answer questionnaire. By taking part in the survey, you can give your candid opinion and feedback of the product, and this way help the company to innovate its products. In order to appreciate participants of the survey, you are entered in the “Lego Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes” that gives a chance to win a Lego product as an award which is worth $80. One lucky draw winner will be there for the entries of the whole month.

About Lego and Medallia

LEGO group is a manufacturer of Lego brand toys. It is based in Billund, Denmark. It was founded in 1932. Lego survey is supported by Medallia, a company of software based in California and it has established relationship with more than 50,000 business locations all across the whole world and has been  trusted by many well-known companies like Nike, EBay, Sephora etc.

How To Participate In LEGO Survey?

  • A child taking part in the survey must be of the age 13 or more or the parents can participate in the survey on behalf of their children.
  • The survey can be taken only after you have played the game.
  • You must have the 4 or 6-digit product code that can be found on the Lego box, on both the front of the box, below the age marking, and the side of the box below the logo. Or it may be found in the box on the front page of the instructions for building.
Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Visit the webpage http://www.legosurvey.com/product
  2. Choose an appropriate language to you from the drop down list displayed on the page.
  3. Read the information carefully; enter the product code you have got and then click on the “Begin Survey” to continue.
  4. Complete the survey following all the given instructions.
  • To know more about LEGO Product Feedback Survey, you can refer http://www.lego.com/en-us/Default.aspx?domainredir=www.legosurvey.com
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  1. i think that they have good things that we kids can pick from and they also have the legos for girls and littler kids so they dont hanve to fell leeft out on all of the things