What is Ello - How Do You Get an Invite Code?


What is Ello?  Short Introduction

Nowadays there are so many people who tend to use social networking sites as to keep in touch with friends, family members or relatives and many more. It is one of the easiest ways to interact with friends or family. It allows you to keep in touch with your near and dear one. Many people are there who can’t live without it. In this social networking era Ello is the new version of it just like facebook. But, to Joining Ello, user need Invite Code, before sign up for ello.co.  

How to get ello Invite Code

Ello is a social networking service. It’s a simple, beautiful and ad free social networking site. It is created by Paul Budnitz. He is a founder of Kidrobot. Ello.co website has been launched in March 2014. It has been started as a private social networking. It consists of seven artists and programmers. They use this site privately and thereafter this website is redesigned and published as a public version. It is different from other social networking just like Facebook. There are more than 30000 sign up requests in an hour.

Features of Ello

There are certain features which distinguish it from other social networking web site. They are as follow:
  • It doesn't sell advertisement.
  • It doesn't sell users’ data to third parties. 
  • It is free for its use.
Official Website of the Ello: https://ello.co

How can I Join Ello?

Their popularity is increasing day by day. If you want to request for invitation on Ello, log on to the website https://ello.co. There is one option available as ‘enter your email’. Just provide your Email ID in the box and wait for the confirmation your request. It is completely free to use.

Sign up ello.co

There is also an alternative way if you already know someone who is already on the network. People are ready to purchase invites code on eBay for more than $ 200. One can easily get the Ello invites code by following just few steps as provided here:

You should just visit the Twitter and follow the link of Ello Invite Code on it. You can also give invitation codes by using other social network sites. Once you get the invitation code you just visit the Ello joining page and enter this invitation code there as well as other required information. You will be a member of this site.

How your information is used by Ello? 

When you send request to join Ello it asks some information regarding your visit as it makes a social networking better. It offers you a great system of privacy as to secure your information. The information about you includes your location, language, duration of using it and many more.

Every detail regarding posts which you share, making friends or any link which is followed by you or many more is tracked, recorded and converted into data. It provides you a transparency and simplicity. Advertisers can buy your data as to provide you more ads. They never sell your data to third parties like data brokers or advertisers as it is totally ad free.

Ello provides dynamic features to its users. It is building the more and more features as to provide you a better social networking service. If you want to obtain further more details you just have log on to the official website of the Ello.

Will Ello beat the Facebook?

Nowadays there are so many social networking services come and go just like weather. Facebook becomes more popular in recent year. It beats Orkut, Google+ and many others social network websites. People love much Facebook.

Login ello.com

Ello is much simpler as compare to the Facebook. It doesn't give users’ data to third party or never show ads. Venture capitalists provide funds to them. It will also start to make earn money as investors’ desire for returns on their investments. So it can’t be said that whether Ello would beat facebook or not.

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