User’s Guidelines of Ello

Ello is the born kid in the world of social networking. So it is obvious that one should have proper information to join with it. Many people are there who don’t hear even the name of Ello as it is a social networking service. It offers you the very simple, beautiful and transparent social networking service. It was created by a group of seven artists. It provides you ad free space and connects with your friends throughout the world.

User’s Guidelines of Ello

It can track or record all your moves you placed on the site just like posting or making friends and many more. Now the question is that how you can be a member of the Ello and how it can be operated or how to use it. This article provides you a proper guideline to its users as prescribed below:

How can you join Ello?

If you want to join Ello you just have to log on to the official website and go to the homepage. Here you can do request invite. Otherwise you know someone who already using it than you can ask them for inviting you on the Ello. Just follow these easy steps and be the member.

There are more than 30000 people who make requests invite in an hour. They are always on waiting mode. This social networking site will allow very small amount of users to join it at a time. Therefore you have to wait for the approval of your request. It will take few weeks or months to approve your request.

How can one get a proper guideline to use Ello?

Don’t worry. There is a very simple step to obtain all information about this. You just have to visit the official website. There are the various options available on the website. Whichever information you want to get just click on the link and get all necessary information.

Some distinctive characteristics of Ello:

  • Ello doesn’t give user’s information to the third parties for the purpose of advertising or any commercial purposes.
  • It is ad free social networking site. 
  • There are two categories of groups like friends and noise. You can follow one of these two.
  • Whatever you place move on your Ello account it will be tracked or recorded or converted into data. 

What does it mean Ello is in Beta?

The site comes out with new features all the time. Administrative can have idea how loads can they bear before inviting more and more people. When Ello uses beta the features which works yesterday may work differently today. It can be said beta that they release new features day by day.  

What information is asked by Ello?

When you are going to request invite to Ello it asks you some information regarding to visit as why you want to join it. This information includes your location, languages, the time period which you spent on Ello, etc. It provides you very transparent, simple and clear social networking service to you. Remember one thing that this site never gives your data to any third parties like brokers or for any commercial purposes.

How to find friends on Ello?

You can search friend on Ello by using username. There is an option of Discover. Click on this and type the username of your friends. In this way you can easily find your friend.

How can post or tag or comment on post on Ello?

There is an option just called Omnibar. Just click on it to post anything. In this easy way you can also tag your friend by putting their usernames and also comment on the post by making a simple click on it. One can also un-friend people from your account. You just have to log on to the Ello account and click on Friends or Noise in whichever category they are and un-friend them. However you can add them back after un-friend them.

Creating & editing Ello profile:

After completing a sign up process you will be there on the home page. Once you get your invite code you can join Ello. Create your account by choosing username and password. After creating Ello profile you can make a profile picture by dragging and dropping an image into the circle. You can also add your name or your personal details in brief or links as to allow people to find you or your posts.

There is also additional setting like notifications, account deletion, etc. You can make the changes as per your choice and make your profile very secure.

How to find friends on Ello?

Ello is very simple, beautiful and transparent social networking service. By following just few simple steps as mentioned above you may enjoy a lot with this new social networking website and have a new experience of social networking. For further information you should have to log on to the website Here you can get all the details.

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