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To meet needs of employee, it is mandatory for the employer to provide them insurance which can have basic medical and life coverage. Manulife Financial, based in Canada, is one such insurance and financial service provider and is very trusted and provides a very good insurance cover. Here we will talk about Manulife Financial Login Steps.

My Manulife Financial Group Benefits Login

Many employers prefer to purchase group benefits plan from the Manulife Financial Group. With a view to be helpful to the client, the company provides online service with help of which the group plan member can access his account and do the necessary procedure for insurance claim. It is very convenient tool and can be used very easily. The plan member has to just get registration done once to get access to the account.

What Is The Manulife Financial Group Benefits?

The Manulife Financial is the largest and trustworthy insurance and financial service provider specifically in Asia, Canada and USA for last 125 years. Among various financial and wealth management products, group benefits plan is the flexible and reliable plan many employers advocate for their employees as business needs. The plan includes basic amenities like medical including dental and vision, travel as well as life insurance.

The company promises its customer’s better future and security.The employee being a member of the group plan can access his account online. He can even print different forms required for insurance claim and do the necessary proceedings. So a member must take advantage of the online service provided.

How to Access Your Group Plan Online As a Group Benefits Customer?

  • You must have an access to the internet.
  • You must be a group plan member and keep plan contract number handy.

Guidelines to proceed:
  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the button marked “Plan Members.”
  3. Click on the “LOGIN/REGISTER “link provided on the left side of the page displayed. 
  4. Enter your contract number and click “Continue” button.
  5. On your first visit, you need to go through registration process. 
  6. Go to the registration page.
  7. Provide plan information and other details as required, choose appropriate password and then click on “Submit” button. 
  8. On completing the registration, you can loin and access the account.

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