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Mail Rewards Club Login - Daily Mail Online Sign In Guide UK

Just imagine if you can win gifts by just reading newspaper then? Yes, it is possible now with Daily Mail, the second highest selling newspaper in United Kingdom (UK). To reward the loyalty of readers the company has started “The Mail Rewards Club”. With this reward program Daily Mail rewards their readers with wonderful gifts. Daily News has its regular copies form Monday to Saturday while Sunday there is a special version consisting of several sub magazines, Mail on Sunday. Here we will see in detail about how one can Daily Mail Rewards Login, Redeem and Claim Mail Online Rewards.

Mail Online Rewards

We know some people have habit of reading newspaper as soon as they get up in the morning. Some people begin their day with newspaper only. In fact we all spend some or more time to read newspaper in whole day.

Daily Mail newspaper was first published in 1896. By switching from a broadsheet to a compact format newspaper in 1971, this newspaper rank number three in circulation of English language newspapers in all over the world. There is a big hand of lower-middle class to make Daily Mail so popular.

About the Mail Reward Club

As mentioned earlier to reward the loyalty of readers, the Daily Mail has started “The Reward Club” in June 2011 at Britain. Till now members of the reward club win over 4 million rewards and saving of 20 million Euros.

How it works?

Reader need to collect unique number cards from the Daily Mails of Saturdays and Sundays. By increasing the numbers readers can get their reward as a member of Mail Reward Club. After joining Reward Club once, you can find all the information about days you need to collect Unique Numbers in your account only. Once you collect enough Unique Numbers in an already set of time, you can enter them into your account and you can qualify for the reward.

What you required to win and collect rewards?

  1. First of all you need to set up a Mail Reward Club account to collect the rewards.
  2. For that you must have internet access and a valid email address.
  3. As the basic requirement of the reward is the Unique Numbers, so you need to collect the Unique Numbers from Saturdays and Sundays Daily Mail.
  4. To set up an account with Mail Reward Club you will ask to provide some personal information like name, address and contact number etc.

Guidelines to Log in

To redeem and claim the rewards you have win, you need to follow few steps mentioned below. With this guidance you can Login, redeem and claim the rewards easily.

Daily Mail Rewards Login
  1. First go to the Mail Reward Club’s website in your browser that is
  2. On home page you will find “Join” button on the right hand side of the page.
  3. There you will ask to enter some personal information. Your email address, date of birth, town, country, phone number and postal code.
  4. Then you will ask to choose your password. You will also ask to select how often you read Daily Mail.
  5. Once you fill in all the information you have asked to fill, you can press the green button labeled “Submit” to complete the registration procedure.
  6. That is all. Now you have registered successfully and you are a member of Mail Rewards Club now. By using your Unique Number Card, you can start winning rewards.
Now, let’s check how you can redeem and claim your rewards you win.

How to redeem and claim the daily mail rewards?

There is a procedure - for that please follow the below given steps.

redeem and claim the daily mail rewards
  1. As you are already Mail Rewards Club members now, first Login Mail Rewards Account.
  2. After Logging in. you need to enter 12 digits Unique Number on “Enter Unique Number” page.
  3. Mail Rewards Club has set mail points for each Unique Number. For the Unique Numbers you have collected from Saturday’s Daily Mail you can collect 100 Mail Points while for the Sundays Daily Mail’s Unique Numbers you can collect 150 Mail Points. Once the points reach 1500 Mail Points, they will be banked automatically.
  4. Once you earn 1500 Mail Points then only you can claim for the reward. It should be over the maximum time period of eight weekends. If you wish then you can save that 1500 Points to win better reward.
  5. There is a Rewards link on every page on top. By clicking that link you can claim for the rewards. There you will find different choices for free rewards. After choosing your favorite reward continues with Rewards link, you can press “Redeem” button available there. 
  6. There you will ask to confirm the address once, once you did that, the reward will be sent to your address.
So, you see the whole procedure of Mail Online Reward to Log in, Redeem and Claim is very easy. Become a Mail Rewards Club member now and win exciting Rewards!

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